HELLO AGAIN: A Fresh Start For Parents and Their Adult Children is the title of a workshop series, podcast, and upcoming book by father and son Gabor and Daniel Maté.

This will be the first book of its kind: written by a real-life parent and child, on the subject of parent-child relationships in adulthood.


^ Public talk from the first-ever HELLO AGAIN workshop. Recorded May 13, 2016 in Vancouver, BC. Q&A moderated by Maria LaRose.


Gabor and Daniel are known for their ability to bring inspiring candor, irreverent humor, and unique insight to this rich, if rarely explored topic.

Both the pitfalls and the potentials of the parent/adult-child relationship come vividly to light as the two Matés share their own dynamic while guiding other parents and adult kids to navigate their own with greater clarity and freedom.

^ CBC Radio (Vancouver) appearance, 2016

What emerges is a new paradigm for relating, grounded in the present moment while not flinching from the past.

No matter where the relationship is at, it’s never too late to say “hello again”.

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